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ATO Solution, the World first, successfully developed 133Mhz grade 1Gbit 3.3V SPI ..
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ATO Solution, the World first, successfully developed 133Mhz grade 1Gbit 3.3V SPI NAND Flash, which is leading the innovative trend in NAND Flash Memory with its new product.
Press release [Tuesday 27 August 2013]

ATO Solution specializing in the design and manufacturing for NAND Flash (CEO: Park, Chan Woong) announced to complete the development of 1Gbit NAND SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface) Flash memory, which is the first designed by ATO Solution in Korea, on August of 2013 followed by the existing 256Mb, 512Mbit, 1Gbit SLC NAND flash memory series.

In general, SPI Flash Memories in the current market are based on NOR Flash cell structure, on the other hand, ATO Solution's 1Gbit SPI NAND Flash is based on NAND Flash cell structure with NOR SPI interface. It is the first product designed by ATO Solution's own patented SPI technology.

The SPI NAND Flash developed by ATO Solution's own specialized design technology is having extremely higher reliability than NAND Flash and achieving high performance as Nor Flash has. This new NAND SPI Flash product is the next generation SLC NAND Flash to eat NOR Flash market. It challenges the density limitation and the disadvantages of high market price with Nor Flash's intrinsic structure in SPI market. Furthermore, it is expected to be an alternative SLC NAND Flash memory, which can replace the NOR Flash chip in current application system without any additional expense for using of ECC controller to utilize the traditional SLC NAND Flash, and it can compete with Nor SPI through an compatible package size 8 pin WSON (8mmx6mm) type. This small form factor Package would be much helpful for customer's cost competitiveness because it can help to save main board space and simplify it from customer's aspects. It would be available to do sourcing of products with price competitiveness around 50% lower in comparison to Nor SPI Flash.

Especially, even the 1bit ECC (Error Correction Code) engine is built in the same die, the spare cell area of NAND Flash Memory is kept to allow the customer's convenience and trace to more higher reliability & quality due to customer can use dual ECC operation both imbedded ECC engine in NAND SPI and NAND Controller's ECC in outside it is fully customer choice. Its frequencies, which are one of the most important scale for performance indication, is 133MHz (15pF) which is the fastest speed of NAND SPI in the World thus it is explained that ATO Solution's NAND SPI is the very advanced product not only in price competition point of view but also in technical aspects.

As ATO Solution is completed of 1Gbit NAND SPI development following up the 256Mbit/512Mbit/1Gbit SLC NAND Flash products on 2013, set a forth low-density NAND Flash product line up to the primary building and have identified NAND Flash marketing strategy in a fields of low density NAND Flash market, with stable supporting to customers with differentiated service in the Embedded Core Storage market, being a leading company for NAND SPI in the industry. From year 2015, the NAND SPI market demand is expected to be more than 200 million units and be grown year after year for the coming years through migration from Nor SPI NAND and Discrete SLC NAND to SPI NAND Flash.

At the present, ATO Solution is progressing to register its 1Gbit SPI NAND with consumer chipset companies' reference design such as mobile baseband chipsets, DSP, and Application Processor. In addition, it is preparing for coming mass production sooner for Korea, China, Asia, Europe and North America market, in detail mobile phones, set-top box, black box, digital TV, such as the consumer market. Even though with focusing on low cost smart phone set, will expand NAND SPI market share and lead to be popularization of NAND SPI in the World.

Park, Chan-Woong (CEO) of ATO solutions Co., Ltd. said "With starting of 1Gb SPI NAND, upper-class products as 2Gb and 4Gb are on the roadmap. We plan to make ATO Solution as a leading company of NAND SPI products through continuous innovation and enhance the competitive ownership". He also released the ambitious plan. "ATO will be the leading fabless company in the World with the development of high quality products continuously and the customer satisfaction".

source : Digitimes (2013,8,27)

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